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Welcome to By Nature Food!


We're a team of flavor enthusiasts driven by a simple mission: to bring exciting, natural vibrant tastes to your kitchen.

Our story began in the heart of London, where long-time school friends Michael and Andre started a food trading business, selling vegan Jamaican patties. When the world changed due to COVID, we adapted, taking our business online and sharing our passion for plant-based recipes.

We quickly discovered that people were searching for bold, exciting flavors to elevate their home-cooked meals. That's where our mission really took shape.

We're on a journey to share the power of natural flavors with the world. Through easy-to-follow plant-based recipes and our unique bold seasoning blends we're making every meal a memorable experience.

Join us on our flavor journey!

Michael and Andre
Meet Michael (left) and Andre (right), on a mission to level up the flavor in your kitchen.