Vegan Shawarma

Vegan Shawarma


Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of this vegan shawarma recipe, where oyster mushrooms take center stage. With a tantalizing blend of herbs and spices, these savory kebabs are perfectly complemented by a creamy garlic tahini sauce. Packed with fresh veggies and wrapped in warm pita bread, this plant-based delight is sure to satisfy your cravings



For the Shawarma:

600 g oyster mushrooms

½ tbsp sage

1 tsp all-purpose seasoning

1 tbsp garlic powder

1 tbsp dried oregano

½ tbsp cumin

1 tbsp onion powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp bynaturefood garlic salt

1 tsp black pepper

1 tbsp cold water

1 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp harissa paste

⅓ cup maple syrup


For the Garlic Tahini Sauce:

1/2 cup tahini

1/4 cup water

2 tbsp lemon juice

2 cloves garlic, minced

Salt to taste


For the Wrap:

Pita bread

Sliced tomatoes

Sliced cucumbers

Sliced red onions

Chopped parsley



Preheat the oven to 392°F / 200°C.

Make a seasoning mix by combining all dry ingredients together. This includes sage, smoked paprika, all-purpose seasoning, garlic powder, oregano, cumin, onion powder, cayenne pepper, garlic salt, and black pepper.

Keep oyster mushrooms in large clusters, add oil and gently rub with half of the seasoning mix, being careful not to break apart into small pieces.

Save 2 tbsp of seasoning mix for later (salad) and then add lemon, water and maple syrup to the remaining mix. Mix together and set aside.

Add oil to a hot skillet, add a couple oyster mushroom clusters and press down while frying. Flip mushrooms and press down again. Fry until browned. Leave to rest for 5 minutes.

Add fried, pressed oyster mushroom clusters to a skewer. Brush generously with liquid seasoning mix and place on a baking tray. Put in the oven to bake for 15 minutes.

Remove mushroom kebabs from the oven and slice.

Make salad.

Serve with flatbread, mushroom kebab pieces and vegan Greek style yogurt

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