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Delve into Vegan Caribbean Recipes: Traditional Dishes Reimagined

Savoring Vegan Jamaican Food

The culinary traditions of the Caribbean have long captured imaginations and palates of food lovers from around the world. As a whole Jamaican vegan food in particular has come along way.

Growing up on the island, my favorite spot was the kitchen. Watching mom whip up traditional dishes was my daily highlight. And while these classics hold a special place in my heart, it's fun to give some, a fresh, vegan twist.

Though the Caribbean is renowned for its seafood and meat dishes, there has been a noticeable shift towards plant-based diets. 

Jamaican vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are deeply rooted, predating the current global trend. The island has a great deal of organic produce like tropical fruits and starchy foods. It has always been a haven for vegan Caribbean food recipes and Caribbean veggie dishes. The Rastafarian culture and their "Ital" food - natural and unprocessed - further illustrate the deep-seated vegan principles in the region.

In this blog, we share some of our favourite dishes. From Sweet Potato Pudding to the essential heartiness of Rice and Peas. Each recipe celebrates the Caribbean's legacy using plants.


A bowl of vegan Caribbean rice and peas, garnished with fresh herbs.



1. Rice and Peas

This vegan Caribbean recipe is a staple and pairs beautifully with almost any main dish.

A staple dish with a deep cultural significance. Its rich, coconut-infused base pairs beautifully with spicy mains, making it a key part of vegan Caribbean food. Its history traces back through generations, with each family boasting its unique twist. Discover the secrets to perfecting this classic in our Rice and Peas recipe page.



A plate of vegan-inspired callaloo and saltfish, showcasing vibrant green callaloo and flavorful tofu replacing traditional saltfish.

2. Vegan-Inspired Callaloo and Salt 'Vish'

Taking a traditional dish and giving it a vegan spin, the essence of the islands comes alive minus the fish. Calalloo is a leafy green vegetable and has incredible flabour when served with spices. We pair this with our plantbased alternative to saltfish, here using banana blossom which soaks up flavour and has incredble texture. Click HERE of the full recipe video.


A slice of rich vegan sweet potato pudding, with a moist texture and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.


3. Vegan Sweet Potato Pudding

Originating from the sun-drenched shores of Jamaica, the Sweet Potato Pudding is a beloved dessert across the islands. Traditionally made with a few simple ingredients, this dish is a testament to the creativity of Caribbean cooks. Our vegan adaptation ensures you don't miss out on the classic flavor while adhering to plant-based principles. For a slice of tropical dessert heaven, explore our Vegan Sweet Potato Pudding recipe.


4. Vegan Guinness Punch

Every Caribbean celebration is incomplete without the iconic Guinness Punch. Traditionally dairy-heavy, our vegan version retains the frothy richness using plant-based alternatives. Whether you're chilling on a weekend or hosting a vegan Caribbean feast, this drink is sure to be a hit. Let's raise a toast to good health, family and friends with our Vegan Guinness Punch recipe.


Vegan Caribbean food and vegetarian Caribbean food offer a delightful culinary adventure. As the world leans towards plant-based diets, Caribbean vegan cuisine emerges as a flavorful, authentic, and future-forward choice. Whether you're exploring Jamaican vegan recipes or other Caribbean veggie dishes, the journey promises rich flavors.

Ready to whip up these mouth-watering vegan Caribbean delights? Our step-by-step recipes, enriched with insights and tips, await you. Want to dive deeper into vegan Caribbean delights? Grab our eBook, "Eating Good Vegan", and let it be your guide!


Embrace the colors, the flavors, the rhythm of vegan Caribbean food, and let your culinary adventures begin!



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